Forrest (Jay) Dukes

Communications - Spring 2015

“I saw everyone on campus with a blue shirt that had the AK-ROWDIES logo on it and was like ‘hmm maybe I should know what this is’, so I joined. It helped me a lot at Akron, most of my friends are a part of the organization and it has been fun from the get go. My favorite memory has to be when the OU and KSU home basketball games were televised and it was so loud and crazy. I remember family and friends calling/texting me saying wow”.

AJ Fosselman

Mechanical Engineering - Spring 2014

"I initially joined the AK-ROWDIES because I enjoyed the atmosphere created at games by the group and it was easy to fit into the organization. There was a broad spectrum of people, which helped in getting to know more people around campus. After my freshman year, I saw the opportunity to become a bigger part of an organization that was one of my best experiences of my first year of school. From my Sophomore until my Senior year, the AK-ROWDIES continually pushed me to be better and built valuable skills that I could not learn in my engineering classes. I came in as a shy, reluctant student with low confidence and emerged a better person with experiences of leadership, speaking to large groups of people, and time/stress management that help me be successful in my current career as an engineer. I built the skills that I couldn't learn in a textbook, and I wouldn't have had the opportunities to do so without the AK-ROWDIES. Some of my favorite ROWDIES memories were built around key wins of our Football, Soccer, and Basketball games. The best memories though were the behind the scenes experiences with the executive board of the AK-ROWDIES. Those were the times that I got the most out of the ROWDIES."

Ashley Capestrain

Nursing - Spring 2017

"I have stayed involved with the AK-ROWDIES because of the exciting environment the organization provides. I joined the AK-ROWDIES as a freshman and I loved it! It was a great way to meet new people and form so many new friendships that I still have today.

"My favorite ROWDIES memory was when our men’s soccer team won the MAC Championship this past fall. Doing the 'I Believe' chant with the team and being able to hold the MAC championship trophy was awesome! If you don’t join, you are missing out on the fun!"


How do you sign up?

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